We are John & Kayley Camus, a North East based married couple who have a passion for theatre, film and TV. We wanted to create this blog and our Instagram (@thestageycouple) to share our experiences, what we love about these things and other bits and bobs.

We have been together for 5 years and have recently got married. Our wedding was musical theatre themed (definitely going to have a blog post featuring that!) and we loved the day. Since getting together we have always been seeing shows at the theatre, watching films and TV and just thought it would be cool to share our experiences with the world.

We live together in Newcastle upon Tyne with our pug, Frank and our guinea pig, Arnold. John likes live music and has an unhealthy obsession with Frank Turner. Kayley likes creating artwork and sharing posts all about mental health. Frank likes chicken and Arnold likes dandelion leaves! We like to be a positive couple, so the reviews we share will be complimentary and see the positive in things with minimal concentration on negative aspects if we can help it.

We hope you enjoy reading what we’ve got to share.

By thestageycouple

A married couple sharing our love for Theatre, Film & Tv!

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