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5 Reasons To See ‘Frozen II’


Finally! Six years after the release of Frozen, Arendelle’s most iconic duo are back in the long awaited sequel, but was it worth the wait? The follow-up story is set a few years after the original and tells of Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad) and Sven on a new journey to discover the source of a mysterious sound that Elsa can hear and get so much more than they bargained for on their quest. With so many of the creative team returning and promises made to answer those burning questions from the first film regarding the sisters’ heritage, this sequel has been highly anticipated by an abundance of fans. A great story packed with so many jokes, well written songs and all tied up with stunning animation, this film does not disappoint!

Image credit: Disney

Here’s our 5 reasons to see Frozen II:

1. The adventure is epic!

The beauty of a sequel with the same main cast is that minimal time needs to be spent introducing anyone. After quickly covering the foundation for what this story will be based on, we are thrown directly into the drama. The kingdom of Arendelle is under imminent threat and it’s up to our favourite squad to sort it out. After Elsa’s confession of feeling like she’s always drawn to a calling of the wild with the ballad (and new song to murder on the karaoke) “Into The Unknown”, she awakens something dark and dangerous nearby. The excitement in this film is at an all time high; the stakes are big and so is the action. While it feels like the whole world is against our protagonists, the unpredictable story has you rooting for them on the edge of your seat with your heart in your mouth. The adventure is thrilling, and it looks so good too. Animation in this film is so realistic, some parts (specifically water based) look almost completely real and add to the drama.

Image credit: Disney

2. The score is beautiful

Christophe Beck has returned to compose the score for this sequel, and what a fantastic job he has done. With scenes of such excitement and tension, the score heightens the experience so much more. Whilst Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez’s songs written for this sequel are great, the orchestration created by Beck is what really stands out. The way the score intertwines with the sounds and songs of the film compliments the whole beautiful picture so well. Experiencing this film in the cinema will really highlight the grandeur of the orchestra and definitely gives a reason to see it on the big screen.

3. It is absolutely hilarious

Of course it’s going to be funny, but nobody expected it to be this funny! So many moments in this film get a laugh-out-loud reaction, it makes for joyful viewing. Olaf is a show stopper, with a new found “maturity” and questioning mortality, he gets so many laughs. A standout comedic scene is him re-telling the original film’s story to a bunch of new characters at high speed; hilarious.

Image credit: Disney

Unexpectedly, Olaf’s song isn’t the funniest in the film, that title has to go to Kristoff’s 80’s rock power ballad inspired “Lost in the Woods”. Coming unexpectedly at quite an emotional moment, this one catches you off guard and delivers so well. A few nods to classic music videos and the backing vocals being another highlight, this song will be one that’s snatched up by karaoke stars.

4. Idina Menzel’s voice

In a cast of musical theatre royalty, Idina Menzel is the queen of them all. Her two songs “Into The Unknown” and “Show Yourself” are absolutely stunning. When both of them end you feel like leaping to your feet and applauding. “Into The Unknown” stands out as this film’s “Let It Go” but much more complex with repeated high notes being smashed by Menzel, it is beautiful to listen to. The complexity is mirrored across many of the songs with harmonies and high notes, it’s as if the soundtrack has matured with the characters in the franchise. If only Elsa had a couple more songs!

Image credit: Disney

Of the soundtrack, Elsa’s songs do stand above the rest as highlights. The songs in this film are great, however the soundtrack to the first film stands unbeaten.

5. It is a fitting fairytale sequel

The fairytale/legacy/folklore elements of this film give a nostalgic Disney feel to the story and add a great mystery to the plot. There’s so much enchantment and magic in this sequel, it’s a haven for classic fairytale fans whilst still giving that modern twist that was so well introduced in the original. “Sisters are doing it for themselves” is a triumphantly refreshing theme once again, with Kristoff’s only real motive being declaring his love for Anna; this film will hopefully encourage more independent female leads to be written into children’s cinema.

Image credit: Disney

All the elements of this film tie together so well to allow it to stand up as a great sequel. The story is complex enough to keep both children and adults entertained and engaged without labouring too intensely on any sad moments as not to traumatise a younger audience. After six years, it feels good to say that Frozen II was definitely worth the wait.

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