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5 Reasons To See ‘The End of the F***ing World’


Series two of the cult hit dark comedy is finally here! Two years after the first series aired, we have been treated to the follow up story and it is just as fantastic as series one. Rather than just focus on the second series and after an announcement of a slim chance of any more series, here are our five reasons to see The End of the F***ing World in it’s entirety! (Don’t worry, you can binge the whole lot on a rainy Sunday no problem!). Spoilers are avoided here as much as possible, so read ahead and get that kettle on for a 6-7 hour binge!

Image credit: Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions, Channel 4, Netflix

1. What a story!

Kicking off series one with an introduction to James (Alex Lawther), a self proclaimed psychopath harbouring a plan to kill someone (well, anyone) is pretty bold. Right on cue, Alyssa (Jessica Barden) turns up at his empty dinner table in the school canteen and introduces herself to him in the most ‘Alyssa’ way possible: “I’ve seen you skating, you’re pretty shit”. This meeting puts her in his crosshairs from the outset. As the pair run off together and leave a wreckage behind as they go, their unlikely friendship grows stronger and conflicts James’ original brutal plan. With a story full of unexpected twists and a looming threat drawing nearer in both series, there’s not much chance of selecting “no” when Netflix inevitably asks if you’re still watching it after smashing three episodes.

Image credit: Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions, Channel 4, Netflix

The show is adapted from a graphic novel by Charles Forsman, which creates the foundation for both the story and the shots used.

2. It is beautiful to watch

The cinematography here really is something to behold. Shot after shot is just pure art and adds to the overall series being brilliant. Specifically as series one begins, shots detailing James’ narration of his childhood are so good, love to see an aspect ratio change for a flashback too! After watching the show, don’t be surprised to find yourself Googling the filming locations too; more so for series two as the quaint buildings in dense forest are shot so well it makes you want to go regardless of the risk of bumping into a character like Alyssa.

Image credit: Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions, Channel 4, Netflix

The filming locations are spread across Surrey in series one and Wales in series two. The specific locations can be found online.

Image credit: Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions, Channel 4, Netflix

3. The soundtrack

Graham Coxon, take a bow! Blur’s lead guitarist has created the score and original songs to accompany both series of The End of the F***ing World. Along with this, many legendary songs scatter the soundtrack, suitably matching the pathos of each scene. With Coxon on board for both series, there is an undeniable harmonisation between both series with their acoustic laden soundtracks; “Mash Potato” in series two echoes familiar chords and melody of “Walking All Day” from series one, as we see a similar plot unfold. So, after clicking “yes I’m still watching”, browsing filming locations and heading out to visit them, you have got the perfect playlist for the road trip to Bwlch Mountain where the finale of series two is shot.

4. The editing is genius

As mentioned earlier, camerawork for flashbacks is notably good. The speed of the cuts to haunting memories of the past is also to be commended, leaving you in a state of shock as you question the content of the memory just as the character does too.

Image credit: Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions, Channel 4, Netflix

Alongside slick cuts to character’s pasts, the series are edited to allow us to hear Peep Show-esque internal monologues and thoughts of James and Alyssa as they react to their situations. James in utter disbelief of the girl he is on an unorthodox adventure with, and Alyssa with brash, undignified thoughts about how unrelatable everybody is to her. Basically, the editing allows us an extra insight into our protagonists’ minds, which isn’t something normally experienced.

5. It is so funny

The humour used across both series is dark and awkward, but it’s exactly what this show needs. It’s not your ordinary slapstick or canned laughter expected with a comedy, but much more of a British indie feel where the laughs come from the interactions between characters or their situations. Pairing James and Alyssa, introvert and extrovert respectively, has such a hilarious clash of personalities as James’ timid nature quietly allows Alyssa to carry on her selfish path. Her character takes some getting used to as she is almost insufferable at the beginning. Once the adventure begins and you learn more of her past, that annoyance turns to empathy and you start to understand why she is so troubled. This helps with the comedy of the show, as by the end you are 100% on her side and gagging for her to shoot people down with quick witted insults.

Image credit: Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions, Channel 4, Netflix

The End of the F***ing World series one is available on All4 and Netflix. Series two currently only available on All4, with a Netflix release in the future.

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