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Our Top 5 TV Shows!

After a musical-heavy introduction (sorry-not-sorry), it’s about time we shared our top 5 TV shows. These are what we enjoy watching together the most. Once again there are personal picks at the end as we both have big lists of TV that we love separately too.

1: Stranger Things

Image credit: Netflix

How can you not love the kids of Hawkins? This sci-fi masterpiece is our all-time favourite show. Each season that has dropped on Netflix has subsequently been binged by us in one or two sittings. The first season has such creepiness to it, followed by a funnier second season, and the third has blown us away with the visuals and the emotion! Set in Hawkins, Indiana  in the 1980’s (along with all the 80’s pop culture references, a killer soundtrack and score), a group of kids meet a new girl (Eleven) who has appeared in town and seems to have psychic powers. Their world is turned ‘upside down’ as they realise it isn’t just Eleven who is a new guest in Hawkins… Get yourself a Netflix subscription and binge this show right now!

2: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Image credit: World Of Wonder/Netflix

Shantay you stay! We are obsessed with RuPaul and the many drag queens who have graced her runway. Since becoming huge fans, we have been to see their shows, met a whole bunch of them and are still perfecting our death-drops! The show is basically America’s Next Top Model, but with sassy drag queens who are set challenges each week to showcase their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to be the best. Not forgetting the bottom two each week need to “lip-sync for their life” to keep themselves in the competition. It’s amazing. Season 1 is a bit dated but it comes in all guns blazing from season 2. We can’t wait for the UK version airing on the BBC this autumn. The complete boxset is available on Netflix.

3: The Office (US)

Image credit: NBC

Our current binge-victim is The Office. The US version of Ricky Gervais’ award winning show is absolutely hilarious and has so many characters that you love, or love to hate. We get through a few episodes each night and are powering our way through season 3, crying with laughter at Dwight and Michael, and desperately willing Pam and Jim to just GET TOGETHER! It’s a comedy that is set in a small paper supply company office where the boss (Steve Carrell) is oblivious to his misogynistic ways, and each character is so unique and funny in their own way. We are watching on Amazon Prime and loving every bit of it!

4: This Is Us

Image credit: NBC

Grab the tissues because a sob-fest is happening in our living room. This Is Us absolutely ruins us both! The first season is so good, with knowing the ending but finding out how we get there, it’s a really different way of telling a story. The show is really funny and so emotional. You completely fall in love with some of the characters and just want to protect them so much! This Is Us follows a few generations of an unconventional family across it’s seasons, each character adding more to the story that you thought you already completely knew. It is going to rip your heart out, so strap in! Available on Amazon Prime.

5: The Handmaids Tale

Image credit: Sky/Hulu

Another dramatic show that has us on the edge of our seats, The Handmaids Tale has us rooting so badly for June/Offred (played by the fantastic Elisabeth Moss) to get out of the horrific life she’s been thrown into and back to safety with her family. The Handmaids Tale, adapted from Margaret Atwood’s novel is set in a dystopian future where the majority of the population are unable to conceive, so a dictatorship is in place where the wealthy now “own” working class, fertile women. It is beautifully shot and has one hell of a gripping story of one woman’s struggle to escape. We are just about to start season 3 after watching the first two seasons on NowTV and 4oD.

Personal Picks – Kayley: One Tree Hill & Twin Peaks

Image credit: Warner Bros.

K: I have loved One Tree Hill since I was a kid. I grew up watching this show and it helped me through my teenage years which I sometimes found to be pretty hard. I found the characters so relatable and will always rely on quotes from the show to hit me in the feels! There’s so much brilliant music in the show and I’ve discovered some of my favourite bands from it. ‘Nayley’ forever!

Dale Cooper – Twin Peaks. Image credit: ABC

Twin Peaks is one of my favourites as we have loved this show as a team. I’ve got great memories of going out dressed as characters from the show with friends (and winning best costume!) and love Dale Cooper’s character. I may not love coffee or cherry pie as much as Coop, but I would trust that man to solve any mystery in my life!

Our Twin Peaks costumes!

Personal Picks – John: Game of Thrones & Peep Show

J: My two picks were so hard to choose. I almost went with Shane Meadow’s This Is England series, but decided on these.

Image credit: HBO

Game of Thrones has been one of my favourite shows since powering through the first two seasons lent to me by a friend many years ago. I love the politics, the ruthlessness of the writing and the way the series is filmed. “Battle of the Bastards” is one of my favourite episodes of anything, ever! The last season was a bit of a shame, but I enjoyed it more than most people. You can’t ever please a majority with an ending!

Jeremy and Mark – Peep Show. Image credit: Channel 4

In my opinion, Peep Show is the funniest comedy series ever written. David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s characters in this show crack me up so much. The cringe-worthy and downright horrendous situations they get themselves into are absolutely hilarious. I can always watch an episode of this, and think it is one of the most quotable series ever (see Christmas episode: forgotten turkey, you CRETIN!).

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